Next Gig

The Two Cent Professionals are playing at various parties, weddings, and functions over the coming months. Stay tuned here, and at our facebook page for more updates on when you can see us play!

The Two Cent Professionals have a brand new website! Follow the link below to check it out:






ello and welcome to the official homepage of The 2 Cent Professionals, the kick ass party band.

“When they hand-ball around the limelight they pass it on with energy and a wink that has the audience giggling and tapping their feet before they try to remember why no-one plays like this anymore.” – The Three Monkeys.

Check out our gig photos, listen to some tracks and find out when our next gig is. You can also contact the band if you have any queries or want to book us.

We are the Two Cent Professionals, and we just want to make you move!

Listen Here!